When Cordoba opened its private courtyard to the public – it returned yesterday. Honestly, people need a combination of nature and soothing, because now more than ever it is beautiful.

Related to Cordoba’s occasionally unbearably hot climate, the tradition of courtyards with water features and vegetation goes back to ancient times. cordobeses has an extra flair with decorative tiles, foam-tumbled flora, colourful mosaics, water features and painted walls. Just like the open days, where home and interior decor lovers and sticky mouths can admire the design and architecture, Fiesta de los Patios offers visitors a glimpse of the hidden courtyard and lifestyle.

A calm and secluded place has long been attractive, regardless of changes in climate or environment. In literature, the secret garden symbolises the power of the human imagination, emotions and even healing. The Garden of Eden within the Bible is known as paradise. For many of us, travelling is not just about immersing ourselves in a new place and interacting with the locals, but about being in a natural setting, either near that place and those people or away from it, in which we can contemplate where we are and how it feels. To experience this mystical mood is what the traveller seeks!

The scenery is picturesque, I really like it!