Spring is here, and it is time for children to grow their bodies. They need more exercise to grow up quickly! Extracurricular activities will be a very suitable way to exercise. Today I will share JumpIn, which is a place suitable for group activities. Both adults and children can find suitable activities in it.

Jumpin’s indoor trampoline and adventure playground allows families and friends to enjoy valuable leisure time together. There really is something for everyone. Being active and having fun is at the heart of everything Jumpin has to offer. Many visitors from other countries also regularly experience sports that are local to the UK, very good feedback!

Jumpin has different play areas such as soft play areas, toddler time trampoline sessions, after school offers, Friday night party nights, relaxation sessions for extra needs, full speed sliding competitions, extreme sliding, giant airbag jumps, fitness classes …… … Jumpin offers even more options for kids and parents!

How to Book

All bookings must be made online. This is because it allows for better scheduling of the number of people on the site.

Everyone must complete and sign the online liability waiver form prior to the jump.

Note: Please arrive 15 minutes before your session to sign in.

Easy homework completion with Jumpin‘s after-school deals

After school jump into the trampoline park offer includes unlimited adventure game jumps and a slice of pizza. Pay for 1 hour and you get a 3 hour stay! This is one of the top trampoline park deals! Wouldn’t it be a good option to keep the children interested enough to be able to complete their homework after school?

More and more parents and children are choosing Jumpin, which is a smart choice because the children’s interests and learning are being catered for!

If you’re interested in learning more about the event program from Jumpin, please click on the image to enter, thank you very much!